IdeaScale: a professional screencast by Scraster

Teambox screencast by Scraster Professional Screencasting

Scraster recently completed an updated marketing video for IdeaScale, one of our oldest and most valued clients. IdeaScale has been working with Scraster since we began in the spring of 2008, so the starting blocks of this new marketing piece were in place well before we were started—Scraster knows the product inside out and IdeaScale is just as familiar with our workflow.

For the marketing video update, IdeaScale’s Rob Hoehn decided to part from the conventional sign-up process/feature tour screencast model. Working collaboratively with Scraster, Rob instead created a script that introduced the product in a more conceptual manner. To convey these concepts effectively, we used the impressive motion graphics work of Rory Campbell, who has been working consistently on Scraster’s recent videos. Rory’s animation not only looks great, but it effectively creates a context for the subsequent screencast video. If you enjoy this Scraster screencast, please share it via the social icons below. Thanks!

You might wonder while watching the IdeaScale video, “Is Bob & Terry’s a real ice cream company?” The answer is… Nnnnnyes. Bob & Terry’s is totally real. You might also wonder why so many of the names seen in the video match the names of characters from the Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast. That’s no coincidence. We’re fans.

Blue box hard sell: If your organization has a web-based product or service that you’d like to demonstrate through the effective medium of professional screencasting, get a free quote from Scraster today. You can also email Scraster at or ping @scraster on Twitter.

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